Meet Our Donors

Gifts From the Heart

Fontaine Patten Moore

Fontaine Patten Moore's passion for the University of Chattanooga was inextricably entwined with her deep devotion to her family and its tradition of supporting the institution. More

Honoring a Loved One While Giving For the Future

Gary Litchford

Former faculty member Gary Litchford had a clear love for UTC, but it was still a surprise to the UC Foundation when he left his entire estate to UTC. The gift honors his wife and aids students in the biological and environmental science department. More

Family Values

Dallas and Anika Sutter

Dallas and Anika Sutter feel blessed to have benefited from scholarship support. The sisters say their @[Short2] educations wouldn't have been possible without it. More

California Alumnus Gives $250,000 for Endowed Engineering Scholarship

Daniel Seth Batkin

Things have changed since Daniel Seth Batkin '72 was an engineering student at UC/UTC. That progress inspired Daniel to create a gift that will grow the University in years to come. More

A True Work of Art

Sonia Young

Throughout Chattanooga, she is known as "The Purple Lady." While her nickname is endearing, it's also well-earned: Sonia Young is as known for her love of all things violet in hue as she is for being a force of nature in her tireless support of the arts and animals. More

Enduring Passion: Fletcher Bright (1931-2017)

Fletcher Bright

Whether in the real estate business, in philanthropy, or in the promotion of arts and culture in the Tennessee Valley and throughout the country, Lookout Mountain native Fletcher Bright '66 personified a passion for music and learning. More

Alumna's Gift Honors Son and Supports the Arts

Olga de Klein

A native of the Netherlands, Olga de Klein '11 was born into a family of actors. No stranger to the arts, she grew up watching endless dress rehearsals with her brother at her side. She later traveled the world, making temporary homes in exotic locales such as Cancun, Mexico, Cali, Colombia, and Willemstad Curacao, but in 1987, when she decided to find a home in the States, she found Chattanooga. More

Grateful Alumna Gives Back Through Scholarship

Nancy Collum

When Nancy Collum '78 first registered for classes at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, she had no idea what she wanted to study. As the first person in her family to go to college, all she knew was that she wanted a degree, and she was willing to work hard for it. More

A Lifetime of Support For @[Short2]

Brownie Au, Jr.

The son of a University of Chattanooga alumnus, Harry "Brownie" Au, Jr. graduated from @[Short2] in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in business administration. A member of Pi Kappa Alpha with a passion for intramural sports, Brownie knew early on that he wanted to help improve his alma mater after his graduation. More