Bequest Language

The following sets forth an agreement by and between <NAME OF DONOR> (the Donor) and the University of Chattanooga Foundation, Inc. (the Foundation). The Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation in the State of Tennessee organized to support the fundraising activities of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (the University) and is an organization described in Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3). Gifts to the Foundation should be made payable to the University of Chattanooga Foundation, Inc.

The Donor has named the Foundation as a <AMOUNT/PERCENTAGE> beneficiary of his/her total estate, following his/her death, as set forth in the document hereafter known as EXHIBIT A. The Foundation will accept this gift at the time it is realized and agrees to use said funds for the purposes, and subject to the conditions, hereinafter stated.

The Donor estimates the current value of his/her total estate allocated to the Foundation to be <AMOUNT or PERCENT>. These funds, when received, will be held by the Foundation as the <NAME OF DONOR FUND>.